The Window Seat School

250 Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222


Seeing, Being, Drawing

An introduction to drawing as mindfulness practice

Tuesdays, 2/5 - 3/26, 6-7:30pm or 8-9:30pm

Instructor: Clara McClenon

Drawing can open the door to a calmer, more connected way of seeing the world. By practicing simple strategies for quieting the mind and focusing attention, we’ll play with easing into and enjoying the experience of drawing. You liked drawing when you were little and you can fall in love with it again—no matter your recent experience!

Photo  by  Pete /  CC

Photo by PeteCC

A Way of Looking

Enjoying and Understanding Visual Art

Wednesdays, 2/6 - 3/27, 7-8:30pm

Instructor: Mary Ayling

Have you ever felt unsure about how to “get” art? Or like you were just missing something when it comes to looking at it? In this art appreciation class for all levels, you’ll learn how to richly experience, contemplate, and discuss the art you encounter is museums, galleries, and beyond! Art speaks to us. Come learn how to listen.